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How to design a bespoke engagement ring

Video Transcript

If you were looking for the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, you may consider commissioning a bespoke design. This can be a rewarding and exciting path which gives you the opportunity to create a completely unique piece with complete control over every aspect of the process.

The important thing when we are producing a bespoke design is to make sure we translate the ideas which are on the paper into the computer. The reason that matters so much is that once it is in the computer you can produce photo-realistic images and show the ring exactly how it will ultimately appear.

Using computer edited design software we can start to create the initial images of a ring. This becomes the starting cage of how the design will eventually look. We can select the different areas of each individual ring to start placing the stones and determine how everything is going to be set.

Your designer will guide you through the choices of gemstones and the making process in as much detail as you would like.

Once the design is approved then we can start hand making the ring. This is where the skill of the craftsman jeweller comes into play in ensuring that the finished piece matches exactly your original design.

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