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Wedding Rings : Why Is A Plain Band Typically Used?

April 16th, 2008

Not everyone has a plain wedding band on. True, some of them are encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones. However, if you were to take a look at the number of wedding bands all over the world, chances are that most of them will be a plain band. Time was when it was a plain gold wedding band, Today the yellow of gold has given way in many instances to platinum.

Why, when the engagement ring is usually a matter of showing off the stone and setting, does the wedding band need to be so simple? Why indeed when it signifies the joining together of a couple very much in love? Well, the answer could just lie in the fact that it signifies something so important and so precious that it must needs be subtle and simple.

For one thing, the wedding band signifies eternity. That’s what a circle stands for and that was why the wedding band is the shape it is. There really is no beginning and no end and there’s no break anywhere. So it’s simple but oh, so powerful. Something that stands for the eternal always is. There lies the power of this simple wedding band. It has to say simple but strong. Plain but powerful. Subtle but sure. These are the qualities that a wedding band carries with it. Which is why there really is no reason for it to be showy. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the message of ‘forever love’ that it carries. Something that is deep and strong can only be expressed in the simplest of ways.

The metal used is usually gold or platinum today when it comes to wedding bands. If it is gold, the gleam of this metal has been used for generations to show the world that the wearer of the wedding band belongs to a husband or a wife. However, there was some bending over when it came to fashion and many younger women started opting for white gold just to be different. Well, now, there seems to be a platinum phase and the dull white metal gives the wedding band a classiness that is beyond compare. However, never mind what the metal of choice is, the wedding band in most cases is the same simple old style that has been used generation after generation. Some things just don’t change. Like love, wedding bands that are simple and plain will go on probably forever.