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Unforgettable – That’s What Your Proposal Will Be

April 4th, 2008

How do you propose to the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with? How do you ask her to marry you in a special way that she will always remember? Everyone does it differently – there are so many ways to propose.

The traditional way is for a man to go down on his knees, have a rose clenched between his teeth and pull out an engagement ring when asking a girl to marry him. You can still make this traditional way work for you, by doing it in your own unique way. Choose a place that’s special to the both of you, whether it’s a public place like a restaurant, in front of family and friends, at a social gathering, or in a private place like your living room, a secluded spot in a park – whatever works for you.

Today, everyone tries to propose marriage in a different way. There are the highly dramatic, big production proposals. Here you would choose an orchestra to play your song while you propose, get a plane to fly a banner with your proposal written on it, have a bus painted with your proposal and then ride in it, have the question pop up on the score-board in a sports stadium – the possibilities are limitless.

Then you have the romantic proposals which you can make unique and fun. Choose a romantic vacation or dinner as the setting. Have a waiter bring in a champagne glass with the ring in it. Write the proposal in chalk outside her home, or on the street where she lives. Stick posters on the wall of her home. Send a singing telegram, or take out a newspaper ad. Create a web page of your time together, with a proposal page. Bake a cake and write your proposal with icing. At the beach, write “will you marry me” on the sand. Write on the bathroom mirror – the possibilities are limitless.

You also have the proposals which involve adventure. If you’re on a ski vacation, canoeing , hiking or walking around some trails, play “follow the signs”, which eventually lead her to an engagement ring with your proposal. Have a treasure hunt during a party – make sure she’s on the winning trail. Go on a safari, get into a hot air balloon, do anything that involves some kind of adventure, and use the occasion to propose.

Whichever way you decide to propose, it will be the right one. Make it romantic, make it fun – and you will be sure to hear her say “yes, yes, yes”.