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Should You Get A New Wedding Ring When Renewing Your Wedding Vows?

April 4th, 2008

There are a number of reasons a couple may choose to renew their wedding vows. Sometimes it is because they eloped or had a destination wedding with limited guests. Others do it to celebrate a special anniversary such as their 10th or 25th wedding anniversary and still others do it to renew their commitment to each other. Some couples find they want to renew their wedding vows after they have worked through a difficult time in their marriage. Whatever the reason, you may be wondering if you should get a new wedding ring when you decide to renew your vows. Because you are already married you don’t have to get a new ring. The old one is fine to use for a vow renewal ceremony. You may decide to get the wedding ring blessed and then slip it back on your beloved’s finger at the ceremony.

Bigger is Better

If you were low on funds when you first got married you may want to buy new wedding rings to reflect your current prosperity. You may want to exchange a plain band for one that is more elaborate such as one encrusted with diamonds or perhaps a wedding ring to match the engagement ring. If you decide to upgrade your wedding ring that is a decision entirely up to the both of you.

The Old Wedding Ring has Sentimental Value

If you are particularly attached to your old wedding ring, you might do something to spruce it up. You might think about getting it engraved with a special phrase that is unique to the two of you, the date of your original wedding or a bit of a poem or love song that has sentimental value. You may decide to add a stone or to change the setting if there are diamonds on your original. Some couples are not interested in a new ring as the old one has too much meaning for them.

It is Usually the Wife

Most men couldn’t care less if they have a ring at all – it is the wife who places a lot of value on her wedding ring. If you have decided to renew your wedding vows it is wise to speak to your wife about getting a new wedding ring. If you are the man you might keep your original wedding band and buy your wife a new and improved version if that is what she prefers. You shouldn’t go out and buy one because you think it is expected because your wife may prefer her original wedding band.

Renewing wedding vows is a special moment for couples wishing to solidify their commitment to one another. Often their children attend the renewal ceremony and can, as a family, celebrate the love that they each have for the other.