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Proposing Without An Engagement Ring

April 6th, 2008

You’ve met the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to propose to her – do you really need an engagement ring?

Often, there are reasons why you don’t want to use an engagement ring – they could be financial, emotional or personal reasons. You may prefer to use the money to spend on the wedding itself, or use it to help start your life off together.

Or you want to surprise her with a proposal, but you don’t want to buy her a ring she may not like. You would prefer her to choose her engagement ring. Or you want to custom make a ring for her.

Or maybe you don’t want the focus of the proposal to be on the engagement ring – you want her to feel your commitment and emotions more than anything else.

Or maybe you’re making a dramatic proposal – you’ve proposed to her on a billboard, or put up posters near her home, and it’s not quite the time to give her a ring.

Or maybe, you’re a woman proposing to your man, and he won’t want to wear a ring.

Whatever the reason, you can still have an emotional proposal, even without the ring.

In a traditional proposal, the engagement ring is always the focal point of the proposal. So you might want to use something else instead of a ring.

Perhaps a family heirloom ring, or a ring with a lot of sentimentality attached to it – it will show her how welcome she is in your family. Maybe you can use a celebrity ring and make your proposal a fun and imaginative one. Maybe you can give her a bracelet, earrings or chain, if she doesn’t like rings, and make that jewellery the meaningful part of your proposal.

And if you want her to choose her own engagement ring, give her an empty jewellery box, and promise to fill in with a ring that she wants – then go together to the store and get an engagement ring, which she is sure to love and wear everyday of her life.

When you’re proposing without an engagement ring, it’s important to be focussed on the proposal itself. This is the most important question you are asking her. The ring is only a symbol of the commitment you want to make to each other. When you’re proposing, the emotion, the passion, the sincerity, the honesty and love is what should come through. The engagement ring can always be given later.