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Esther Might Have To Return The Engagement Ring

March 25th, 2014

By Samara James

So Esther Canadas has called off her engagement to hotelier tycoon Vikram Chatwal but the couple is still making news in the media. Theirs was such a whirlwind affair and last year, they got engaged and announced that they were going to be married. So what happened in a few weeks after what seemed like an idyllic union? They seem to have gone their separate ways so soon after announcing that they were engaged.

Well, it looks like they do have to be in each others’ space for a bit now as Vikram is suing to get the £180,000 huge diamond engagement ring he gave her. However, Esther seems to have done the disappearing act and had moved out of New York and is reportedly in Mexico. Did she accept his wedding proposal just to get her hands on a huge ring? It seems unlikely and yet, here they are, one fighting for and the other refusing to give up a ring.

Esther has been married twice before and this wedding would have been her third one. First a race car driver and then a model. Vikram has dated a number of beautiful women and Gisele Bundchen was one of them as well. He is seeking to get the cost of the ring as well as legal fees, interest and other expenses. The case states that he felt his dream had come true when he proposed to Esther but that she had turned the whole thing into a nightmare. The American hotel owner has a string of hotel successes and he had built up a very successful empire in his twenties.

Engagement Rings In Boxing Ring

March 24th, 2014

By Samara James

It isn’t every day that girls get proposed to in a boxing ring but that is exactly what happened to Debbie and Nikki after a boxing match at West Midlands when the men in their lives called them up for what seemed to be a photo shoot and ended up on their knees, proposing to them. Adrian and Ricky were fighting a lightweight match at the Copthorne Hotel in Merry Hill and there was a huge audience watching them. So many hundred fans came to watch a boxing match and they got an extra bonus – two proposals right there in the ring.

The Laurick Jewellery engagement rings had been donated by the store for the impromptu double engagement proposals. Now that was a great incentive for the guys and for the store, it meant such a lot of publicity. The girls say that they had no idea and they were so surprised when the guys took out the rings and popped the question. It was fortunate for the guys that the girls accepted. Of course, they will be talking about this out-of-the-ordinary proposal for years to come and the two girls know it isn’t every woman who is lucky enough to get such a unique proposal.

Adrian admitted later that the proposal made him more nervous that the actual fight and Ricky said his mind was full of the proposal and not of the fight right through the day. Arian and his girl have two children and though he says they are very happy, he was nervous that she might just reject his proposal. However, she said Yes and that made his so happy. Adrian is from Halesowen while Ricky is from Cradley Heath and together, they have made two women very happy indeed.

Is Johnny Depp Wearing An Engagement Ring?

March 23rd, 2014

By Samara James

Johnny Depp has been in the news for more reasons than one – granted, he has had a number of high-grossing films to his credit. But he is also known for his weird roles, his funky style and of late, his splitting from his partner and his children with whom he had been for a very long time. So much so that everyone was just waiting to see when they would be married. However, that was not to be and it looks like the man with the crazy looking hats has found a new love and it looks like wedding bells will ring soon for him and Amber Heard.

He has been seen around town wearing what looks like an engagement ring, or, as it is called today, a mangagement ring. It seems to be designed reminiscent of the 20s and it is a signet ring. Granted it was on his little finger but it is new and recently acquired which is why the speculation that it might be a special ring. It isn’t usual for most men to wear one and not Hollywood men but Johnny Depp has never played by the rules and has always been different. He and Amber got engaged in December and he gave her a huge diamond ring.

Amber has a lot of successful films to her credit and has acted with a lot of leading Hollywood stars. Her film in 2011 was with Johnny Depp called the Rum Diary after which they began dating. She has been known to have had a relationship with a woman too and she seems very comfortable with this. Johnny Depp of course, needs no introduction and the star of Willie Wonka, Alice in Wonderland and the Pirates of the Caribbean series has always created waves wherever he goes.

Of Wedding Rings And Personalised Messages

March 22nd, 2014

By Samara James

Weddings need so much planning and they are such rushed affairs. The days go by in a whirl with both the bride and the groom having to look after so many things to get done before the big day. There’s one couple, though that took the time off to get very personal by writing very moving messages to each one of their eighty guests. They made the time and if one wrote the message, the other added a postscript. The messages went out to the guests with personalised gifts – leather tags fr luggage.

The bride and groom were Mike Feldman and Savannah Guthrie. Mike is a communications strategist and Savannah of course needs no introduction, being the famous co-anchor of the show ‘Today’. The couple got married in Guthrie’s hometown of Tucson in America and as they slipped wedding rings onto each other’s fingers, they were surrounded by family and close friends. The couple had their friends from ‘Today’ present as well as Jon Bon Jovi with his wife.

The 42-year old anchor really is such a model for all brides to emulate – in fact they both are. Adding that personal touch is such a wonderful way of making the guests feel they are important in their lives. The couple also announced that Savannah was expecting a baby so that made everyone congratulate them all over again. Savannah works with the American TV channel, NBC and she is a presenter as well as being a lawyer. She was born in Australia and grew up in the US and she currently reports on all the trial cases that happen all over America. She was married earlier to BBC reporter Mark Orchard but they got divorced after four years of marriage. Savannah and Mike got engaged last year.

Is Sam Worthington Wearing A Wedding Ring?

March 21st, 2014

By Samara James

Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle have been officially dating for all of four months now. The two Australians came out and confirmed that they were together and it looks like the two of them have been almost inseparable since then. Sam has been linked earlier o Maeve Dermody, the actress and Lara was Michael Clarke’s fiancée for two years. The cricketer and the model broke up a few years ago and now comes news that these two might be more than engaged – they might just be married.

Sam and Lara were spotted a few weeks ago in the Big Apple wearing what seemed to be matching gold wedding rings on their fingers. The pictures clearly show the rings but the couple has yet to confirm or deny whether or not they are married. Their spokespeople are not saying anything either. Laura was seen with Sam a few days ago in a very sparkling dress at the premiere of the new movie he stars in – Sabotage. The swimsuit model and the Avatar actor looked very happy and comfortable together.

Sam is the latest in a long line of men where Lara is concerned – so is he the lucky one to have caught her? Cricketers, footballers, rockers and designers – she seems to have a versatile taste in men. Sam has had a list of successes in his acting career – from Avatar to Clash of the Titans and now Sabotage. Born in England, the family moved to Australia when he was a baby. At a recent altercation with the paparazzi, he was heard referring to Lara as his wife and that probably set the gossip mills working overtime.


Wedding Ring In Baseball Glove

March 20th, 2014

By Samara James

A man bought a baseball glove from a store and when he got home and put the glove on, there was a surprise inside it. There was a wedding ring stuck inside and Ryan, the man who found it tried his level best to try and find the owner of the ring. So they had a local TV station do a story about it and also put it out on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, the posts got shared till it finally reached the owner.

The gold engraved wedding ring had the words ‘In love my Marine’ inside it. When the posts were shared, Rebecca was told about it by someone who worked with her and she realised that it was her husband Chad’s ring. They had gone shopping to that store to buy gloves for their daughter who is a softball player. Chad had just tried on a number of gloves to see if there would be anything that their daughter would like and what would suit the purpose it was being bought for because of her game. The thing is, he didn’t even realise that the ring had slipped off inside the glove and it was only much later that he looked at his hand and found the ring missing.

Ryan had already brought the ring back to the store after being unsuccessful in finding the owner. Chad and Rebecca feel that it these times, people don’t usually return something they find the way Ryan did. Ryan says that it was just the way he was raised – to return things to their rightful owners. Chad is very happy and grateful he got his wedding ring back. The store gave Ryan a reward for his honesty as well as two bats and a couple of autographed cards.