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How To Choose a Wedding Ring

March 26th, 2008

The engagement rings and wedding rings chosen will be one of the most elegant pieces of your big day. The rings are not only an important factor of becoming united with your mate, but it is also a permanent symbol of your commitment and love. You’ll want to make sure to purchase rings that are high quality and genuinely unique. Ultimately, you’ll also want to learn as much as you can before deciding on that perfect ring so know exactly what your paying for.


Follow your intuition on the style of your ring, while asking yourself if it will be something you’ll be comfortable wearing for the next 50 years. The traditional simple gold band will still appear contemporary many years from now. If that is too simple for you, consider an engraved style or beaded edge. For something more glamorous try looking for a ring with a channel-set diamonds. In the end, choose a ring that you feel expresses your personality and style. There’s no wrong choice of ring as long as you and your partner both are satisfied that it is the right ring for you.

Silver, Platinum or Gold?

Often couples will choose the same metal as the engagement ring is done it so they match. Some brides choose to wear their wedding rings on their left hand while wearing their engagement ring on the right so the metals don’t look strange when worn together. This however is not traditional, but rather a personal choice. Some couples choose to purchase matching rings. Before choosing which metal to go with browse through all the pieces you already own to see what metal will suit you both. Do you both normally wear more of one metal than another? Also when deciding the metal you will want to consider any allergies that either of you may have.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most traditional of all the ring metals. Its thought that gold shows the love and warmth held by marriage. The quality of the gold can be found on the inside of the band. You will usually find the metal in 24k, 18k, or 9k. While 24k is the highest quality, it also softer and can therefore be damaged more easily. If your job requires a lot of hands on work it would be advisably to go for an 18k or 9k gold so the band isn’t scratched as easily.

White Gold

Cheaper than platinum and coordinates with any metals how can you go wrong? This is definitely a popular choice however it should be noted that there are downsides to white gold. The most importance of these is that white gold is only white due to a rhodium coated finish. Different jewellers’ use different coating thicknesses and this will affect the durability of the finish. If a white gold ring is worn next to a harder metal such as platinum that this can cause the finish to wear more quicky. It is however possible to get the rhodium plating reapplied at a point in the future should this become worn.


This metal is not only the hardest of them all but it is also very stylish. While you will may pay more for this type of metal than the equivalent amount of gold, it is great for those with allergies since it usually is more pure than gold.

Precious Gems

Normally the darker the color the more expensive the stone. While many people tend to think lighter colors are beautiful and will enjoy showing them off, always remember that this is something that will be worn for a long time so make sure to check out the classification scale and choose something that will not become chipped or damage later on. Usually diamonds are the most traditional stone chosen because of its simple beauty and resistance to easily being damaged. If you do decide to go with a diamond always check for the four C’s – cut, caret, clarity, and color. If you choose to go with a gem other than a diamond try to find a high quality stone that will compliment your engagement ring for years to come.

What Feels Right

This is just a few simple tips to keep in mind when choosing your ring but ultimately choose what feels right.