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Engagement Rings as Heirlooms

April 16th, 2008

You can inherit an heirloom ring or you can go out and buy one. It all depends on the circumstances. Let’s look at family engagement rings that have grown to become heirlooms. Very often, a ring that has been treasured passes down from father to son and is used as an engagement ring when he proposes to the woman he wants to marry. Something like this can come with a very warm cherished feeling, a feeling of being welcomed into a home. However, there could be instances when the woman does not really want an heirloom – she would much rather have her own ring.

There are also times when the ring could be passed down from the woman’s side of the family. It could be something precious that she would like to wear. The thing here to consider would be whether the man agrees with this decision.

When it comes to a family heirloom, do remember that very often the ring could mean more to you than to your beloved. You must keep her sentiments in mind when you are thinking of an engagement ring. Sometimes the ring you inherit could be an engagement ring – sometimes it is just a precious ring that has been in the family for years or maybe it’s a ring that has been made when the family jewels have been split up. Whatever the case, it must be a decision that both are all right with.

The other way to get an heirloom engagement ring is to go out and buy one. You could maybe pick up a ring that comes with its own history. Or maybe it’s an unusual, old ring that has been fashioned out of a brooch or a hairpin. You may need to look long and hard before you find the ring that both of you like but the search is well worth it if you have set your heart on an heirloom engagement ring.

If you are buying an heirloom engagement ring directly from the owner, it might be a good thing to ask if it could be used as an engagement ring. You could tell them how much you would love to wear this beautiful piece for always and how it would mean a lot if they agreed.

Finally, when all is said and done, it is the woman who is going to be wearing the ring so it really is up to her to have the last word. Let her decide if she wants to wear an heirloom engagement ring at all and if so, whether it should be something that is in the family or something that both could go choose and buy together.