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Fashioning Your Own Wedding Ring

March 26th, 2008

Your wedding ring really is the most powerful symbol of your marriage – it is what says you belong to each other, it is what tells the world you’re one. So a lot of couples are stopping to think that maybe there should be a lot more thought and effort going into the planning of the wedding ring. Why oh why should it just be a simple gold band that you go to a jeweller’s and take five minutes to decide about? Shouldn’t it be something that both of you take trouble over? You do it with the wedding invitations, the wedding preparations, the wedding dress. So how about the wedding rings that are going to stay on your fingers to proudly declare to the world that your married?

There are a number of design shops today across the US, UK and Europe that are offering couples the facility to walk into their manufacturing units and fashion and design their own wedding rings. You could first go on a tour together to see how it is done. It might just give you a few more ideas of what it is you both want and what is possible. The jeweller will also guide you about metals of choice, why a certain design might not be very practical and why certain designs can stand the test of time.

As you walk through, you will first be shown how the metal is melted. Different metals have different melting points so you’ll see how it is done for the various metals that usually go to make wedding rings like gold, platinum and now, titanium. The metal is then milled or stretched into a ring shape and sized according to the size that is ordered. The extra metal is just snipped off and the two ends melded together. Now the ring is taken to the workbenches and fashioned into the design you want. This is where it is shaped and then polished till you get the wedding ring you want.

What would be a romantic thing to do is to make a wonderful day out of this. Plan the whole day and make the ring-making session a prelude to the rest of a very romantic dinner for two and a night to remember. Just the fact that you make your wedding rings yourself can cast a magical glow over the whole affair. The great thing is that with the guidance of the jeweller, your wedding ring will not look amateurish – you can be sure they will guide you so it looks professionally made. Then, like the wedding rings, make your marriage work – together, forever.