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Diamonds And Their Dazzling Settings

March 26th, 2008

Diamonds can keep you obsessed with their dazzling perfection but it takes a great setting to really show diamonds off at their best. A diamond needs a perch, a pedestal to shine its light all around. It needs the right metal and the right kind of setting to preen.

Well, when it comes to the metal for the setting, platinum is usually the metal of choice though these stones are also set in gold. The strength of platinum makes it a better option. When it comes to the settings, well, there are so many and it all depends on the design of your jewellery that will determine which setting will suit it best.

Take an engagement ring for example – if it is a solitaire, the prong setting would probably be best. Yes, this is the usual, traditional choice but it really is the best to show off a single stone. A diamond shows off to its best advantage when there is a lot of light passing through it. That’s why this setting is so popular – when you have a large, sinfully expensive diamond, do not – repeat do not hide its brilliance under a bushel – flaunt it! While the metal here is such a support, you have to ensure that it is strong enough with the points set at the strategic places in the diamond so the stone stays secure for years.

In direct contrast is the flush setting where the stones are embedded in the metal. This is a safer setting and people who like their wedding bands with diamonds in them seem to opt for this. No, this isn’t all glitz and flash even though very often the diamonds could be large. This is more understated elegance, with just the top of the stones glistening with a quiet splendour.

Then you have the bezel setting which is also quite popular. The diamond is set above the ring and there is a band of metal that almost wraps a bit of the stone. This lifting up shows the stone off to advantage as it catches the light from underneath.

When it comes to round diamonds, a channel setting is safe and shows off the stone quite well. Here, the stones are put into channels and show up as a clean line, with no edges that stick out and a wonderful catching of the light to dazzle.

More than one diamond could also have a ballerina setting when it is baguettes we are talking about. The tapered ends of these stones can be set like a ballerina’s shirt in a curve around a sparkling centre stone.

A pavé setting is also very attractive. You need little diamonds that are perfectly matched in quality and size and when well set they look like a paved diamond encrusted street – that’s why the name. Set in perfect rows, this setting can be a knockout when it is well done. The diamonds are set in little holes that are drilled in the metal and needs a great jeweller to really set it well. If the price of these rings is exorbitant, remember it is the skill and patient labour of a great craftsman you are paying for.

You could also have a cluster setting where tiny stones can be arranged in shapes – a leaf, a flower or an abstract design. These can be done on a single level or a multilevel.

Finally, how you want your diamond or diamonds set is entirely up to you. So take a look at the different settings at the jeweller’s and decide what you would like for the piece of jewellery you are interested in – you’re going to be the one wearing it!