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Is Lana Del Rey Wearing An Engagement Ring?

By Samara James

Are Barrie-James O’Neill and Lana Del Rey engaged? Reports are that they have been engaged since the middle of last year. If they are, then it was quite a secret they’ve managed to keep. Their representatives have not said anything so there is no confirmation about whether it is true or if it is just a rumour. It’s said that Lana was inspired by Barrie to write her song “Off to the Races’.

Last year, in summer, Lana was spotted with what looked like a massive diamond engagement ring on her finger. So did she wear that huge rock just to dress up an outfit or was it an engagement ring? Whatever it was, she hasn’t been seen wearing it since – at least not in public. Their fans were hoping for a great romance and marriage to be announced but no such thing.

Barrie used to play with the Scottish alternative rock band Kassidy but he has now left the band and has gone solo calling himself Nightmare Boy. The band toured with Lana for nearly two months. Lana is a singer and songwriter from America who has Grammy nominations to her credit. She brings back the echoes of the music in the 60s and 70s and has been called a modern day Nancy Sinatra. Her contralto voice has been described as unique and very emotive. Some people say her voice is gravelly and smoky, much like Marilyn Munroe’s. When she felt that people weren’t taking her singing too seriously, she lowered her voice with Born to Die and ever since, she has been singing in a lower tone.