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Is That An Engagement Ring On Diane Kruger’s Finger?

By Samara James

Former supermodel Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have been together for eight years now and in tinsel town, that is almost an eternity. No, in spite of the very firm relationship, they have not got engaged or married maybe because Diane has been married before and she just feels that the commitment of marriage is just not for her and she doesn’t believe in the institution. So what is t that is making people think that she might have changed her mind?

Last week, she was spotted with what looked like an enormous diamond engagement ring. So everyone’s asking whether the two have finally decided to make it official. The thing is, the ring was on the right finger all right and though Diane is rather unconventional, maybe she has turned a bit conventional for all we know. It isn’t your regular engagement ring but would Diane every settle for regular? The ring has three bands, all encrusted with rubies and diamonds and it was very prominent as she and Joshua were photographed leaving a restaurant after dinner.

In an interview some time ago, Diane had said that though she had been married for five years previously and she shared a good equation with her ex-husband, she felt that their hectic lifestyles did not augur too well for the institution of marriage which was why they split up. Joshua was with Katie Holmes earlier and the pair had co-starred in a movie together. Today, Joshua and Diane share apartments in Vancouver – he is Canadian – and in Paris. He has also acted in Ocean’s Eleven, Scream 2 and is part of the cast of Fringe.