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Does Esther Canadas Have An 8.5 Carat Engagement Ring On?

By Samara James

A few days ago, the news emerged that supermodel Esther Canadas had got engaged to hotelier Vikram Chatwal. Apparently, the engagement ceremony was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Tuesday. So what happened between then and now? Is the engagement still on or was it a big hoax? No one seems to quite know and everyone is still in the dark about it.

The 8.5 carat diamond engagement ring that he is supposed to have given her is said to be a really huge rock. This really is something out of the blue as Chatwal’s name was linked with Lindsay Lohan for a while. So when did Esther come into the picture? And considering that he tweeted that it was just a joke and that they had changed their minds makes it even stranger. Now why would he be carrying around a huge ring like that unless he was serious?

He has a string of very high end luxury hotels in New York and now, in many countries around the world. The billionaire hotel owner has been married twice before and his claim to fame is that he had six luxury hotels by the time he was 28. The Dream Hotel is the flagship hotel of his group. Esther has been a top model with leading designers all over the world. She entered the world of acting with Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crowne Affair. It is said that she had, while growing up, wanted to become a forensic scientist but her mother wanted her to become a model so that is what she did.