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Platinum Diamond Ring To Go On Sale At Sotheby’s

By Samara James

There are a number of pieces of jewellery that will be auctioned by Sotheby’s of New York towards the end of this month. Among them are a few rare pieces of jewellery and while the owners will remain anonymous, reports are that they include pieces from an estate in New York and from a lady in Texas. The jewellery has been designed by a number of leading jewellery designers from America, the UK and the Continent.

One of the pieces in the spotlight is a Harry Winston platinum emerald-cut diamond ring. The diamond is 19.51 carats and it is flanked by two diamonds weighing nearly 3 carats. It is expected to fetch around £1 million. This ring belongs to a lot that has been put up for auction by the family of the philanthropist who created the Rothman Foundation. The pieces that are put up include jewellery by Van Cleef & Arpels and Bulgari.

The other pieces of jewellery include a fancy vivid blue diamond platinum ring with is accented by white diamonds and an over-15 carat pear shaped diamond ring with two pear shaped diamonds flanking the central diamond. Besides the rings, there are other pieces as well like a cuff bracelet which has a diamond triple band, a platinum diamond pendant brooch and a brooch in yellow gold shaped like a Labrador set with diamonds. All the pieces are made by renowned designers and the auction is sure to attract a number of discerning buyers because all of these pieces are very rare.