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Has Khloe Removed Her Engagement Ring?

By Samara James

There’s been so much talk about Lamar and Khloe Kardashian and they really do make such great fodder for media gossip and speculation. There’s been talk that he is being accused of having had an affair with someone and fathered her child. There is talk that it is his drug problem that is the problem and even though he went into rehab last year, even having a guard at the door so he would not leave the programme, there still seems to be a problem. Apparently, he refused to go into rehab again and he has now been asked to leave the house. He tries to stay clean when the season is on and then lapses into his old ways. Which is probably why people saw him having to load his stuff into his car and leave the house. Apparently he spent the night in a hotel near by. Though some say it is his roving eye that got him thrown out, sources close to her say he is more concerned about his addiction issues.

Khloe was seen around town in a hoodie, without her wedding and diamond engagement ring. Instead, she wore a silver chunky ring in their place. She was obviously trying to shy away from the media glare with huge sunglasses. She has taken to twitter to rant about his addiction and it looks like the two have separated, though there is no talk of a divorce yet.

The couple got married four years ago and reports say that it is only in the past two years that the drug problem has become such a big issue with Khloe repeatedly trying to get him into rehab so he can get over it. The reality star and the basketball player seemed so right for each other at one point of time but it looks like these marriages which are so in the spotlight just cannot last.