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Taylor Armstrong’s Engagement Ring

By Samara James

Taylor Armstrong, the star of Real Housewives and John Bluher are engaged and Taylor is, at long last, getting a shot at a second time to be happy and in love. The couple got engaged in a resort in Mexico and by all accounts, there couldn’t have been a more romantic proposal or evening. John seems to have pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable occasion and Taylor is all smiles.

The gold and diamond engagement ring was presented to her in a white tent set on the beach filled with white flowers – roses and lilies. Taylor was in a blue silk dress and they walked but at sunset to the resort where Grande Dame champagne set the tone at the resort’s restaurant, Carolina for a lavish dinner that followed. This was the resort where the couple had first met and fallen in love so it was only fitting that this was where they get engaged and John had planned the setting so well.

For Taylor, it means happiness after a long time. She was married to Russell Armstrong, the venture capitalist who took his own life when they were separated and she was devastated. They have a six-year old daughter and Taylor went through a bad time. However, John Bluher seems to have put the sparkle back into her eyes and though, unlike other celebrities, she hasn’t instantly posted pictures up online, word is that she is so very happy. A few months ago Taylor had referred to him as gentle and that is what she wants and needs right now to set her on the path to love and happiness.