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Third Time Lucky Engagement Ring

By Samara James

Buying an engagement ring for the woman you love is such a huge problem. The question whether or not she will like it will loom large before you putting such tremendous pressure on your choosing. Of course, if she likes it, no problem. But if she doesn’t, what will she do? Grin and bear it or make no bones about hating it? After all, put yourself in her place – that ring is going to be on your finger for years hopefully so shouldn’t it be something she will feel comfortable living with?

Well, Adam Baker told HuffPost Live all about what he went through before he bought his girl a huge pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. He asked the girl he loved to marry him eight years ago and as he wasn’t doing as well as he is now, he bought her a diamond ring with a stone that was small. The years went by and they had three children and she felt that maybe she should have an engagement ring that was better so they took the old ring and reset it with a diamond that was bigger.

The story didn’t end there. When the second ring did not get the great reception that his wife hoped for, Adam got a third and she is very happy with it indeed. The diamond is 3 or 4 carats and it is pear shaped. The stone is more unique and it is definitely going to get some reactions from those who see it. Many women don’t want to lose or change the original engagement ring or wedding ring but some women love to upgrade everything, even their diamond engagement ring. Why not, if you can afford it? A diamond after all, is forever and it is such a great investment.