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After Engagement Ring, A Baby Announcement

By Samara James

Recently, Terry Palmer, the Australian actress tweeted that she and American actor Mark Webber were engaged. Now there’s another tweet from her, saying that the couple is expecting their first child. Teresa posted up the news with the picture of a pair of booties and a little message to her coming child that she was so happy to be its mother and that she loves it very much and can’t wait for them to meet. She also uploaded a picture of the sonogram confirming the pregnancy.

Teresa was spotted out walking with Mark soon after they announced their engagement but sources say that the diamond engagement ring on her finger was not the real one but one from a film. The actual ring had gone to the jeweller to get resized. She’s 27 and she sounds so excited just saying the word ‘fiance’ so many times. The couple was lunching out in Hollywood, looking very much in love with each other. There are rumours about the engagement. Some say that she was wearing this diamond ring on her finger and Mark saw it and proposed. Teresa had hinted some months ago that she was ready to settle down so it really should not be a surprise. It was in an interview with WHO magazine where she said that for her, marriage and children looked like happening soon.

Teresa debuted in the film 2.37. She is from Adelaide in Australia and she has acted in a number of films opposite stars like Adam Sandler, Daniel Radcliffe, Nicholas Cage and Liam Hemsworth. Mark Webber acted in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and he has a five-year old son from an earlier marriage who spends a lot of time with Teresa and Mark.  The couple apparently met on Twitter – now isn’t that romantic? And their love bloomed with emails going back and forth.