Jewellery News

Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

By Samara James

It’s one thing most men are so fearful about – will she like the ring or won’t she? It must be really hard for men when they work up enough courage to propose to a girl- how can they be sure she will like the ring they pick for her? So they ask her friends, her family, but they also want it to b a surprise so they don’t usually ask her.

Enter Molly Clarke from Brooklyn who runs The Ring Liaison, a consultation company that finds just the right diamond engagement ring for a fee. What Molly does is to interview the clients – and she does this over the phone or the email too – and she then recommends a ring after she feels she has come to understand what the person’s tastes are. Any girl would like to know she is being made a part of the choosing process – after all, she is the one who is going to be wearing the ring for a long time. However, Molly feels a man should keep the romance alive too and he should make it a surprise.

Molly tells men that maybe they should think about designing their own ring – it isn’t necessary to go after the big brands just because everyone is doing so. She takes them to source precious stones at smaller outlets and then asks them to design their own rings. An engagement ring is a big purchase so putting a bit of thought and planning into it is good. Molly started her consultation business three years ago and she says her main aim is to make the ring-buying process as stress-free as possible.