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A Wedding Ring, A June Wedding And A Big Production Ceremony For Napster Millionaire

By Samara James

There are weddings and there are weddings and when it comes to Sean Parker, the Napster founder, nothing seems over the top. It looks like he is planning a really huge wedding and he is planning it like a big production movie. With so much money, maybe he just wants to spend it but considering that he did make all those millions mostly from Facebook, one just cannot help comparing the Facebook founder’s wedding with what is being planned here.

There’s going to be a backdrop against which the wedding rings will be exchanged and it is going to be a purely temporary one that will come down once the ceremony is over. The backdrop is inspired by ruins and it is going to put him out of pocket by a few millions. Then, there’s the dress code for all guests and that almost seems like a royal order. The guests’ clothes are going to be costumes and he has hired the Lord of the Rings designer to create them. And those guests dressed in those costumes will walk through an entrance that is also going to cost the earth. Inside, there’s going to be a dance floor and there are millions going to be spent on that, the decorations and the flowers for the occasion.

We wonder what Alexandra Lenas, his bride is going to say to all this – or is she as pleased as her husband to be is? We also wonder if all the guests will really be happy about being told what to wear and whether medieval costumes are really everyone’s cup of tea. If they don’t like the costumes, will they just stay away?