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Angelina Jolie Takes Off Her Engagement Ring

By Samara James

Yes, she did – and she replaced it with a plain platinum band when she went to visit some rape victims in Africa. She was there with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary and they were there to donate funds to the poor women of Rwanda and the Congo who had been violated in the ravages of war that is a constant problem in that area.

Maybe what Angelina did was the right thing to do – to be seen wearing a ring that cost a fortune might not be the best thing to do and would seem almost insensitive when you are on a visit to sympathise and help these poor women. The huge diamond engagement ring might have caused news all over the world but it was the sensitive thing to remove it on this visit. And no, that platinum band is not her wedding ring – just a substitute ring.

So when is the wedding, is the question. She is 37, she and Brad have six children and in the light of Jennifer Aniston’s approaching wedding, one would think Brangelina would fix a day soon. However, though their children want them to get married, they seem to be taking it easy and not hurrying to set a date. There have been so many times when it seemed like they were already married but it hasn’t happened yet. Most likely, it will be a quiet wedding with just their children present.