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Britney’s Sister Wears Engagement Ring

By Samara James

Jamie and Jamie are engaged and one of them happens to be Britney’s little sister. Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson have been together for three years now and it looks like they have finally decided to put a seal on it. The year that sees Britney break it off with Jason has seen these two coming together. Jamie is obviously very happy because she has posted a picture of the two of them online.

What she has also posted is a picture of the beautiful diamond engagement ring that Jamie has given her. It came captioned: he did good and obviously the couple is very happy indeed. It looks like wedding bells will ring soon. Sources had said in January that it looked like the couple was planning to get married and it appears that they were right.

Before Jamie, Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge were a couple and they have a daughter called Maddie. When she was nine years old, the couple called it a day. Jamie, who was a star in Zoey 101 is now looking to break into the country music scene. She spends part of her time with Britney and part of it in Nashville.