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Engagement Ring Or Borrowed Ring?

By Samara James

Time was when a ring on the right finger – well, you know what we mean – meant that a girl was engaged. It was as simple as that – A was A and that was all there was to it. A simple gold band meant a girl or guy was married and again, that was that. Today, there are celebrities who feel they can have their fun or 5fifty seconds of fame by wearing a ring on that particular finger. If it were mischief raising its wicked head and sitting back to watch the fun, can we really blame them? After all, with such intense media glare, there are a number of celebs who feel hounded and pursued so can a few be forgiven for cheating them and leading them a merry dance for a bit?

Well, there was Helen Flanagan wearing a huge diamond engagement ring – or so people who saw her assumed. So of course, the news was out that Scott Sinclair, her footballer boyfriend had proposed and she had accepted. She chose to act coy and uncommunicative when she was asked questions and because she just flashed the ring and smiled, the media went berserk thinking it had happened and the engagement was on. She was going to the supermarket when she was spotted and she in no way attempted to hide the ring though she never answered their questions.

Then it emerges that all she did was to borrow the ring from a friend and flash it around. A bit of harmless fun, surely? However, it also makes sure that the celebrity in question is in the news and that the media has not forgotten about her. It is so important for so many of them to be written about and be photographed so resorting to something like this must seem just a natural PR exercise in their books. Pulling the wool over the media’s eyes seems to be the bonus side benefit.