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Auctioning Of Josephine’s Engagement Ring

By Samara James

So many years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his wife Josephine and his family was not at all happy. Josephine had two children, she was a widow and she was older than him – not something his French family would have liked for him. However, he persevered and he married her. She had been married to an aristocrat in France but Napoleon wooed her, proposed and they got married a few days after the engagement was announced. A few days after that, he left for war.

It was a simple yet beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring that he proposed with. Set in gold, it bears two diamonds which are pear-shaped and when it is auctioned next month, it is sure to fetch a pretty penny. It might have been a rather simple one for Napoleon but when he got it, he did not have too much money. However, today, the value will be astronomical considering the history behind the ring. The auction will be held in the South of France at Fountainbleu on the 24th of March.

Fourteen years after they were married, in 1810, the couple got divorced because Josephine wasn’t able to bear him children. After that, it is said that the French leader had a number of affairs and remarried but he never forgot his first love. According to reports, as he lay dying, his last words were about France, the army and of course, Josephine.