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Peaches Geldof Tweets Picture Of Diamond Rings

By Samara James

They got married in September, just a few months ago but it is only recently that Peaches Geldof and Tom Cohen have managed to get away on a honeymoon to Mauritius. They stayed at the Cocoa Beach Resort and Peaches was seen paddling around in the water, looking very pregnant. The couple has a son who is a year old named Astala and apparently, they delayed the honeymoon because Astala was too young.

Peaches tweeted a picture of her rings as soon as they got back from the honeymoon and there were three of them. There was that huge diamond engagement ring of course, flanked on one side by her diamond-encrusted wedding ring and on the other by a Tiffany gold and platinum diamond ring which Tom gave her for Christmas. He had it made to match his wedding ring. That really is a great bling line up on her finger.

Tom Cohen is the singer in S.C.U.M., the band and is said to be a sweet, earnest young guy who Bob Geldof was very happy to welcome into the family. The couple began dating over two years ago and he seems to be very comfortable with her family, especially her father. The band he fronts has been called an art rock band and their debut album was released a few months ago. Peaches has been married before – she is 23 and Tom is 21 but the couple seems very happy together. She went through a rough patch with an ectopic pregnancy the first time around so this time, she wanted it kept quiet till they were sure and they now have a lovely little boy who was the ring bearer at his parents’ wedding. Soon, there will be another little one to join him, very unexpected according to Peaches but they are looking forward to it.