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Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring Found In A Bag

By Samara James

This has got to be the find of all time. And engagement ring and a wedding ring were found in a bag – a Cath Kidson bag and it was found by an eleven year old girl. The girl is keen to locate the right owners and she feels whoever has lost the rings will be very concerned and very keen to find them. The bag was fairly new and had been bought a few days ago from the Christchurch Lavender and Bay shop but the shop’s proprietor has absolutely no idea how the bag came to be lost there with the rings in it.

The police have been informed and they are trying to find the rightful owner. As we said, there are two rings – a white solitaire diamond engagement ring and a yellow gold wedding ring. The rightful owner will have to identify the rings with more specific details so it does not get into anyone else’s hands. It really is such a great feeling to know that there are people like this young girl and the shop’s proprietor who take so much trouble to try and see that something so valuable goes back to the owners. More than the worth, it’s the sentimental value that is so important.

So one wonders if the person just got mad and threw those rings away or did they lose them? Most likely the bag must have fallen out with the rings in them and the person did not even notice. If the rings were lost, here’s hoping the real owners come forward soon and identify them.