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Diamond Ring Raffled For Fire-Hit Family

By Samara James

In the city of Corpus Christi in America, a family lost everything in a fire that engulfed their home. Their home is near Yorktown at Four Buff and the family had just moved there a couple of months before the incident. The area was the trailer park to which they had moved. The Brown family lost so much but the mother could manage to get out with her daughter, her cats and her dogs so no lives were lost.

When the Humane Society of the Gulf Coast heard about their plight, they decided to put out a call for a fundraiser in order to help the family get back on its feet. When Denny Bales Diamonds heard about the fundraiser, they donated a heart-shaped 14-carat diamond ring to the family. There are two hundred diamonds in the ring and the Humane Society is going to raffle the ring and give the proceeds to the family. There are going to be around a hundred raffle tickets that will be sold in order to raise the money to help the family rebuild. It will also mean they can think of getting a place for their dogs and cats.

How often does one hear of such acts of kindness? And yet, there are so many jewellers who donate for a good cause and what better than a diamond donation to make sure that enough money can be raised in order to help the recipient of this kindness? For the Brown family, it must be such a welcome gift – this great act of charity which can help them set their home right to some extent. What’s more, they haven’t been in that town for long but they must be overwhelmed at the generosity of the people there.