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Nicki Minaj Denies Wearing Wedding Ring

By Samara James

The singer says that she isn’t thinking of getting married right now and says that the ring she was wearing was not a wedding ring. She had been photographed wearing a ring that looked like a wedding ring but she confessed on the Ellen DeGeneres show that it wasn’t what everyone thought. She also denied having any man in her life right now.

So what would she like in a man before she agrees to wear a wedding ring? Like she told Ellen, it would have to be someone who was super secure because she knew that being with her could make some men feel insecure. Come to think of it, how true that it. It does take a special person not be intimidated by a partner’s success, more so when they happen to belong to the same industry. Maybe it’s easier when they don’t but then compatibility issues crop up. It is hard being celebrities – who would have thought!

Nicki is a judge in the current series of American Idol and Keith Urban seems to be joining the judges’ pantheon too. Nicki is looking forward to the new series of the popular singing show where she will be both mentor and judge. Some felt that with Simon Cowell having left the show, it would go downhill but by the looks of it, it isn’t doing too badly.