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Wedding Ring Diamond Lost And Found

By Samara James

The Boyles were in a frenzy – the diamond from Kathy’s wedding ring was lost and they just didn’t think they would ever find it again. She realised it in the middle of errands that she was busy running so it could have fallen off anywhere. A diamond is so difficult to find, especially if it falls into some corner or gets trampled on and goes into the mud. For a few days, the family looked everywhere for it, retracing her steps to all the stores she had gone to and the parking areas she had parked her car in but there didn’t have any luck.

That diamond wedding ring had been on her finger right through her 44-year old marriage and her five children. Her husband had slipped it on her finger when they got married and it was something so personal and sentimental. She was devastated that the diamond was lost. She couldn’t even think of getting another diamond to replace it – the one that was lost had too much of a sentimental history to it.

This had happened right in the middle of the Christmas season just when the whole family had come to be together. However, the festive season brought her luck because the store manager of one of the stores she had gone to wanted to help and he asked his employees to sweep the place not vacuum it so that if there was any chance of the diamond having fallen there, they might find it. And that is what happened. He asked the workers to check the dirt before chucking it and that’s how they spotted that diamond before it was trashed. It was five days after Christmas and Kathy’s birthday and the best gift she could get was that phone call telling her the diamond had been found. There are not just good but great people around as this shows.