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New Engagement Ring For Brandy

By Samara James

The R&B singer Brandy has put up a picture of Ryan Press, herself and of course, a ring. So will it be a real engagement and a real wedding soon for her? She’s 33, she has a 10-year old daughter and the last time, she let everyone believe she was married even though she wasn’t. However, back then, she had this super clean image and the news of having a baby when she wasn’t married would have been unthinkable. So, all right, she pretended but she’s come a long way in ten years.

The picture shows her looking very happy with her sparkling engagement ring on her finger and Ryan by her side, without his shirt. The couple seems very happy and relaxed with each other. They have been holidaying in Hawaii and obviously, that’s where it all happened. It has been confirmed by her spokespeople too so we can assume the engagement is very much on.

The last time, everyone assumed she was married to Robert, her daughter Sy’rai’s father but after they separated, Brandy revealed that they had never been officially a couple. Her people had advised her to tell the world that they had got married secretly. It was all done to preserve her image at that time. So will Ryan and Brandy get married this year? With her hectic schedule, it might not happen. Two Eleven, her album has just come out and she is acting in a movie that will be released in March. She’s also preparing for a hectic tour that is coming up so it looks like her year is going to be packed. Will there be time to squeeze a wedding in? We’ll just have to wait and see.