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Kate Winslet And Her Wedding Ring From Charles Goode

By Samara James

Kate and Ned RocknRoll got married in New York in a secret ceremony where there were a few close friends and family that included Kate’s two children. Some of her close friends and family had no idea about the wedding till it was over and some were very surprised. But that was the course that both Kate and Ned wanted to take. The couple has gone off to Scotland for their honeymoon. Apparently, Leonardo gave her away at the wedding and though her father couldn’t because he didn’t know till after the wedding was over, he and the rest of the family is thrilled for her.

Kate’s engagement ring and wedding ring were both made by Charles Goode who is one of the Royal Family’s favourite jewellers. Earlier, Ned had got a love locket from the jeweller for Kate. The wedding was so secret that no one knows for sure where exactly the ceremony was held. Like the family says, time enough once they are back from their honeymoon.

Ned is the nephew of air tycoon Richard Branson and he has given them a rather unusual wedding present – a trip into space when Virgin launches its space service next year. Now that is really something. Sources say that Branson gave it to them not just because Ned is his nephew but also because he is so grateful to Kate who rescued his mother a few years back from a fire last year. Many celebrities have paid a lot for seats on that ride so that is really a great present.