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The Good Samaritan And A Platinum Wedding Ring

By Samara James

When Douglas Benedetti saw a man looking around in the snow in Sacramento, USA for his wedding ring, he had no clue about the events that were to follow. He carried on his way and he realised the man had given up and gone on too, either to Tahoe or Reno. When he passed that way again, he thought about the man again and he stopped to look for the thing. He looked all over for an hour and then he saw it, lying in the snow.

It was a man’s platinum wedding ring and Douglas felt so good that he was able to find it. However, he didn’t ask the man for his name so it’s going to be a bit of an effort to locate the owner. But he does have something about the ring that he is keeping secret so that when the right owner comes along to claim it, he knows that it is the one. There is an inscription of a woman’s name in it as well as a date.

The man and his wife were on the interstate when they stopped to check the clamps and that was when his ring must have fallen off. The wife waited in the car while he looked for the ring with his cell phone light. He was distraught and he told Douglas about it when he stopped to help. However, they couldn’t find it so the man joined his wife and drove off. Douglas returned and decided to look again with his headlamps on and after searching for a while, he found it. Now, the owner needs to come claim the ring for the ‘happily ever after’ ending to the story.