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Teen Mom Shows Off Diamond Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring

By Samara James

The reality TV actress Jenelle Evans denies being engaged or married but she’s showing off diamond rings on her wedding ring finger on a social networking site. The picture shows two exquisitely designed rings which are obviously a set – so why is she denying any occasion to celebrate? It so clearly seems to be a diamond ring set. According to her, the 1.5 carat diamond ring is just a gift – because Courtland Rogers is so happy she is his girlfriend.

She tweeted that she wasn’t his fiancée, but the ring was the best gift ever. Now it does look like a diamond engagement ring and she is wearing it on you know – that finger, together with what looks like a wedding band so we wonder, is she in denial or something? Jenelle has had a rough life and it looks like she has found some measure of peace with Courtland. It looks like the couple is getting ready to go on a cruise together but vacations and diamond rings cost money and people are wondering why Jenelle would waste so much money on things like this when she could be hiring a lawyer, who, she had said earlier would cost a lot of money.

Why a lawyer? Jenelle was a teen mom and her son is with her mother who refuses to give Jenelle custody. The actress has a history of drinking, drugs, assault and breaking and entering and even though her reality show followed her story and all the trials she went through, her mother still does not trust her to look after the little boy, not even see him. While Jenelle publicly states that she wants her son with her, she seems to be doing very little to make that happen.