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Celebrity Engagement Rings Set New Styles

By Samara James

It really is incredible what a few celebrity engagements can do to the styles in a jewellery market. For ever so long, the classic Tiffany’s style of a solitaire diamond was the standard for an engagement ring. Sure, there were people, even celebrities who played by their own rules but by and large, most people went with the traditional and the only difference was the size of the diamond which was determined by just how much the man could afford or was willing to spend.

Today, when everything a celebrity does is covered by the media and you can see them up close and in your living room or bedroom through the TV screen, suddenly, everything they do seems to be so much more accessible and it’s not like they live in a different dimension anymore. Maybe that’s why every time a celebrity gets engaged, there are so many copies of the ring that are available. Guess what the latest design is to hit the scene? After Brangelina, the emerald cut diamond engagement ring has become so very popular with men who propose and women who accept them.

According to jewellers, men walk in with very clear ideas of what they want – they know the kind of ring their girls went gaga over and that is the kind of ring they want. That’s why jewellers today keep a sharp eye open fir any new celebrity engagement – any popular famous person can set a trend and it so helps to be prepared. How long will this last? This craze to wear an engagement ring like your favourite star or your favourite famous person? We don’t know but right now, the craze does not look like it’s going to abate in a while.