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Trading Online For Diamond Rings And A School

It’s amazing what can be done on the Internet. In China, a college student had a pair of silver rings and a dream. And of course, the Internet. She started a charity programme whereby she could spearhead a trading online so those rings could grow in value till there was enough to build a school in rural China for the children there.
All it took was two weeks. Yes, in two weeks, the trading had gone on and on till those rings had been exchanged for two diamond rings that were worth enough to fund the construction of the school. She was helped by students from everywhere and they all pitched in online to help her dream grow and become real. Most regions from China joined in and helped in the effort.
The person who traded those diamond rings in would like to remain anonymous and the whole transaction was done online and through emails. Imagine that – two diamond rings and not one phone call from the person who is the benefactor. Part of the money has already been wired in and the rest will soon follow. It just goes to show that where there is a will, there will definitely be a way. Of course, the Internet was such a help.