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Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings Made From Elk Teeth

Elk ivory or elk teeth jewellery is becoming more acceptable today. Elk teeth come in colours ranging from pure white to a brown-white and the colour depends a lot on the land that they are used to grazing in. Sometimes, the teeth have swirls of brown on white or the other way around.

Very often, jewellery fashioned out of elk teeth is more of sentimental value. People have been known to make engagement rings as well as wedding rings out of it. These usually serve as reminders of their first hunt or maybe the first time they shot one. Other jewellery made of elk teeth includes bracelets, pendants, necklaces, etc.

The teeth that are used to make the jewellery are the back teeth of the animal and these are the teeth that produce a weird mating call when they pass their breath over them. They are also called their bugling or whistling teeth. Some jewellers specialise in jewellery made of elk teeth.