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Who Stole The Diamond Engagement Ring?

First it was a lawsuit. Officer of the California police, Deanna Michelle Mory sued the Chula Vista police precinct over whether she could compete in a beauty pageant or not. That was two years ago. She was crowned Ms. California in 2006 after which the police department put its foot down and said no more pageants. Well, she didn’t like that, not one bit.

Then it was her diamond engagement ring. No ordinary diamond engagement ring – it was one that cost nearly £8500. It had been put on her finger by Brian Callahan who she was engaged to and who was a soldier fighting in the Iraq war. Now when the couple broke up, Brian alleged that the ring was stolen.

The upshot of this is that Deanna has been asked to go on leave at least till the court hearing on August 29 is over. She’s on paid leave and no charges have been filed by the prosecutors as yet. Does she have the ring? Was it that she didn’t really want to give it back? With a sparkler like that, we’re guessing temptation just walks two steps behind!