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Yet Another Story About A Lost Diamond Engagement Ring

There are so many stories about lost diamond engagement rings – only not too many are lucky to find them again. The few who do are so incredibly lucky because it’s not just the value of the ring in monetary terms, it’s the sentimental value that can never quite be replaced. Well, here’s one more happy story.

Tyler Jones placed the engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend Amanda Anderson on the bonnet of the car and forgot all about it. He turned the house upside down looking for the lost ring, quite forgetting where he had put it and even put an ad in the local paper but didn’t really have too much hope in finding it. So Tyler decided to wait a week and then propose to Amanda again, after having bought another ring.

Meanwhile a Harley Davidson rider, Monte Kirk rode along that road and found the ring box lying on the road so he took it home and when he and his wife realised there was a diamond ring inside, they started looking for ads about missing rings in the paper. They saw Tyler’s ad, called the number, asked for a description of the ring and handed it over to Tyler’s mother.

Someone returning a diamond ring seems rather far fetched but for Kirk, all he could think of was what his wife would go through if she lost her ring – so all he wanted to do was to find the rightful owner and spare them the pain of the loss. Tyler and Amanda got engaged that very same day with that ring!